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Venus Vilocity 

Venus Vilocity is a gold standard Diode type of laser. Diode lasers work by delivering a high level of energy into the skin, where it is absorbed by the melanin that surrounds the hair follicle. It doesn’t harm the tissue surrounding the hair follicle, which makes diode laser hair removal a good choice for unwanted fuzz growth. This type of laser is safe for all skin types. Number of sessions differ from one client to another, but roughly 6-12 sessions are recommended each 4-8 weeks apart.


Our Most Relaxing Offerings

Model in Black Swimsuit
Body Conscious
Woman with Hand on Face

Special Packages 1


Full legs

Full Arms 

Under Arms



Special Package 2

Full Legs
Full Arms
Under Arms

Special Package 3

Half Legs

Half Arms

Under Arms

Half Face





Lips $30.00
sideburns $30.00
chin $30.00
Half Face $35.00
Full Face $60.00


Stomach Line $30.00
Full stomach $50.00
Stomach and Chest $100.00
Half Back $50.00
Full Back $80.00
Full Back and Buttocks $100.00
Brazilian $60.00

Underarm $60.00


Half Arm $50.00
Full Arm $80.00
Half Leg $80.00
Full Leg $120.00

Speacial Packages

1- Face, Full Legs, Full Arms, Under Arms, and Brazilian $299
2- Full Legs,Full Arms, and Under Arms $225.00
3-Half Legs, Half Arms, Under Arms and Half Face $140.00

Special Packages

Full Body 
Head to Toe

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