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Based on advanced technology that literally helps patients freeze away fat cells, Coolsculpting is the ultimate non-invasive treatment for sculpting and toning away unwanted weight around midsection, thighs and other hard to treat areas.

Astra Jade


Unlike other methods of weight reduction, Coolsculpting eliminates fat cells, it doesn’t just shrink them. This allows us to change the shape and tone of your appearance, not just the number on the scale. With this method, we can effectively target fat cells with intense cold without harming surrounding cells. When treated, the fat cells will crystalize, fall away and be safely excreted from your body.  At Astra Jade we also use ultrasonic cavitation in combination to RF, this will also get rid of cellulite, tone the muscle and tighten the skin. You will need 6 to 12 sessions to achieve the maximum results. Sessions are one month apart and last between 1to 2 hours.

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